Check in - Check out

A short exercise for a natural way to open and close: A meeting, a workshop, a workday, or any similar process.

Time 5-30 min  ·  Group size 2-15 people

To check in and check out is not only a convenient way to open or close a process. When you check in to open a meeting it’s a way to show the group your presence and commitment. It helps you to get focused on being present and show that you are HERE. A check in also let’s everyone be seen and heard, which opens up to contribute in work and discussions. A check out works as a symbolic lockup, a closure, but is also a opportunity for reflection and feelings.

Step by step

1. Gather everyone around a table, or standing up in a circle (no phone or computer work during the excercise.

2. Start checking in one by one, clockwise order or popcorn style (random). Choose a check in suitable for the occasion. In a new constellation you can begin with “name, role and how you are doing right now”. In a workshop you can check in with “an expectation you have on the workshop”.

3. At the end of the meeting/workshop/process - gather everyone again.

4. Check out with something that is suitable for the occasion, it could be a feeling or a reflection. As an example, the check out after a workshop can be “something I take with me from this workshop” or “what worked well and what can be improved”.

Credit: Hyper Island