Biography ✍️

On the unpredictable path that life is, you never know where you may end up. Some snaps of my journey is accounted for below. They helped making me into me, and they might help you to know a little bit more of who I am.

Human designer

Stockholm -16. Outbound from the deep forests of Sweden, I’ve found home in the digital landscape. A tech nerdy human interactor with a soft spot for facilitation.

Charmed by techno

Berlin -15. Blasted of for a German internship. Fell deeply in love with the city, the music and my friends that came with it. Nowadays there’s always a Berlin trip noted in my calendar.

Interactive AD

Stockholm -14. Fuck Don Draper. Went to Hyper Island, school of creative salvation and self growth. Discovered my blood for facilitation and UX, design thinking in particular.

Stockholm -11. Rediscovered my creative vein at graphic design and ad school Forsbergs. Packaged some neat prints and set off to become the girly version of Don Draper.

Stockholm -10. Became a wine snob busting my ass in fine dining. Life was a luxorious bite, though being poor. Still today, I concider champagne and oysters to be a everyday snack.

Koh Lanta -09. Escaped life and became a divemaster in Thai paradise. And if ever everything goes to shit, this backup plan is a keeper.

Säfsen -04. Skibumming and pouring beer. Careless days in long johns and bruises.

Gothenburg -03. Bartender course 101. Set me off to funky hairstyles and funky bars. The coming years gave me tons of people experience as well as some back problems.

Oslo -02. Went into Norways postman business. Delivered 300 IKEA catalouges. Revalued my life. Quit.

Sunne -99. Left home for High school and spent uncountable hours behind a lens. The photo career never made it past the darkroom, also, being 16 and independent is overrated.

Kungshamn -84. Partially raised on my dads live aboard diving boat. Spent never ending days rock climbing and jelly fish hunting. The smell of salty waters still takes my breathe away.

Hillbilly me

Arvika -83. Grew up in a countryside town with 28000 people located a few miles from the Norwegian border. Proud inheritor of Swedens No.1 hillbilly accent.

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