The Fox / Tele2

"Noone knows what a gigabyte is, we need to democratize data"


Telecom gigant Tele2 wanted to develop a new offer that would sell not only to customers but also within the big organization. This super secret project name was The Fox, and I was invited to explore the concept and the big UX investigation on how to implement the offer onto the Tele2 platform.

Role Concept, UX research, UX design
Client Tele2, 2016  Agency Adore you

The project

I worked closely together with a small team consisting of me and Tele2’s Product Manager of Business Development and Digital Experience Manager, to develop their idea of the new core business concept. Going from low-fi prototypes I delivered high-fi design sketches that my team could pitch within the company.

When the concept was approved and a project plan was set, I was one of two UX designers that was assigned to investigate the Tele2 site in order to incorporate the new concept. I was presenting the progress of work every week in Business Experience meetings, to stakeholders from all areas of Tele2. My final delivery consisted of wireframes for every part of the web that was affected by the new concept.

I'm currently in the process of updating my projects, this will be presented shortly.